Steinbach's new RCMP Staff Sergeant says he is looking forward to working with the community. 

Guy Landreville is originally from Montréal. He says he joined the RCMP about 35 years ago and spent much of his career in Alberta, but for the last three years he has worked for the St. Pierre Detachment and is excited to now be in Steinbach. 

"Harold retired and the position was open. A place like Steinbach is really a very cherished location. Everything that you need is here, it is a beautiful community, and very attractive to many staff sergeants so I applied and put my name in and was successful, so I am very, very happy.” 

Landreville says his wife is also a member of the RCMP and was actually stationed in Steinbach while he was in St. Pierre. He notes there was about a week of overlap when he took over as Staff Sergeant before she moved on to RCMP "D" Division in Winnipeg to work with Major Crimes. 

So far, Landreville says his experience at the Steinbach detachment has been excellent. 

“Harold ran a well-oiled machine, very well-oiled and very well maintained so it is easy for me to step into a detachment that is like that. Everything was perfectly done, and I just walk in and continue the good service that the community gets here. The transition was very easy for me.” 

Having been in the position for a few months now, Landreville says he has had a chance to meet with many of the municipal councils in Steinbach’s jurisdiction. He notes he is looking forward to working closely with them. 

“I have nothing but good things to say about all of the councils I have met with. You can see a genuine caring for what is going on with everything and they want to be a part of what we do. Sometimes we are looking for answers and we can give you the quote-on-quote police answer, but they will have the community answer and what they are hearing from the community and sometimes it is something that will surprise you.” 

As far as policing priorities go, Landreville says he sees scams and fraud as being high on the list.  

“I would like to continue or increase education about these things. They don't go away, they just get more and more sophisticated every day. You always used to say that older people seemed to be targeted by these but now we are seeing younger people as well and even people under the age of 18." 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Landreville says another priority that has made itself apparent is street racing in Steinbach. 

“Being in St. Pierre before, we had heard a little bit about that but not as much as now that I am here. It is a priority, it is very important to the people of Steinbach so we have a big project on the go for that right now.” 

As he settles into the Staff Sergeant position, Landreville encourages residents of the Southeast to get involved. 

“I always go back to the JFK quote 'Ask not what the country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country.” He adds “I'd like for everyone to really look in the mirror and say 'Okay, here is what I am going to do to make my community a better place.' We have that already, but we would like more involvement from just about everybody if we could, and really make a difference out there.”