Now that the federal election is over, the results of the 2019 Student Vote can officially be released.

A total of 2,647 students participated in the mock elections here in the Provencher Riding this year and the results are very similar to those of the election itself. Ted Falk took 54.2% of the votes for the Conservative Party, NDP Candidate Erin McGee took 16.4%, Green Candidate Janine Gibson had 12.8%, Liberal Trevor Kirczenow took 12.3%, and PPC Wayne Sturby came in at 4.0%.

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Michael Zwaagstra helped organize the student vote at Green Valley School in Grunthal. He says the students that participated in their mock election on Wednesday, October 16th really enjoyed the process.

"It was a great opportunity for them to find out what voting is like because a lot of the time when it is your first time voting and you are 18 years old it can be intimidating and by simulating the process here in school, students find out what it is like and so they really enjoyed it and they were really eager to hear what the Green Valley results were, they were quite curious."

Zwaagstra says voter turnout was 42% in Grunthal as students could really only cast their ballots during the lunch hour. He notes they were able to discuss the GVS polling numbers with the students on Tuesday.

"There were 74% that voted for Ted Falk, the conservative, 7% each for the Liberals and the Green Party and then 5% for the People's Party and the NDP."

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Meanwhile, 527 students cast their ballots at the SRSS Tuesday, October 15th. Teacher Neal Rohne says not only was the mock election educational, but the students will learn a lot of the 2019 federal election and its aftermath.

"We will talk about the election results, if that was what they expected, and where the federal government goes from here. We are in an interesting circumstance. There is a minority government so things work a little bit differently when there is a minority government, having to talk to other parties in order to get the legislation passed which is a good thing in a democracy but things tend to move a little bit more slowly so we will talk to kids about that."

At the SRSS, Ted Falk won the student vote with 64.5% of the votes followed by the NDP, the Green Party, the Liberals, and the People’s Party of Canada.

Nationally, 1.1 million students took part in the mock election: the results showed the election of 110 Liberals, 99 New Democrats and 94 Conservatives. The Green Party won 28 seats and the Bloc Quebecois 9.