It’s been called the biggest social in the southeast. Summer in the City is gearing up for another weekend full of fun on Main Street from June 16 to 18 – and that means another impressive lineup of performing artists and headliners will be hitting the SCU Mainstage. 

David Klassen coordinates the SCU Mainstage together with the Steinbach Arts Council staff. He says they couldn’t be more excited, as the festival is such a highlight for everyone in the region and beyond. 

“We're excited because we get to do something really amazing for the community and put some high-calibre headliners on that stage here in downtown Steinbach.” 

Steinbach's Main Street becomes a giant party during Summer In The CitySteinbach's Main Street becomes a giant party during Summer In The City

Every year, on the third weekend of June, the sheer number of people walking down the street every day during the festival speaks volumes about the importance of the three-day event.  

“Just like always, we’re bringing a full slate of local bands and performers to the stage all afternoon on both Friday and Saturday. And then over the supper hour we switch everything over to the evening ticketed event which features a whole bunch of great openers and of course the headliners.” 

That’s the question on everyone’s mind every year – who are the headliners? Klassen is eager to tell all: 

“Tim Hicks is our headliner on Friday night – it’s going to be absolutely stellar. To be able to bring a big name like that into our city for our summer festival is so thrilling for us. The quality continues to grow. We keep striving to bring people onto that stage who appeal to a really wide audience base, and we've accomplished that.” 

Klassen says Saturday night will be Tribute Band Night, a doubleheader this year, with both Def Leppard and AC/DC.  

“It’s a continuation of what we saw last year with the Queen tribute band – people love that retro feel! It’s fun, it’s lighthearted, and we're so pleased to provide an event and space where people can relax in that social setting!” 

Summer In The City poster

Summer in the City attendees from last year will remember that both headliners sold out ahead of time, which becomes a cautionary tale for 2023. 

“If you remember the feeling of last year those sold-out crowds, you won't want to miss it!” 

Tickets for both Tim Hicks and the Tribute Band Night are on sale now, online at 

“That ticket gets you in the gates after the supper hour around 6pm and will take you through all the openers and everything,” assures Klassen. 

Those who are a bit thirsty once in the gates are in luck as well. 

“Every year we provide that licensed bar and it works very well to help keep people safe within the compound, having a good time. It'll be such a great weekend – we're really excited!” 

Get all the details here: 

Absolute Queen performs at Steinbach's Summer In The City in 2022Absolute Queen performs at Steinbach's Summer In The City in 2022