One of the volunteers assisting with the search for Mary Byman says they are staying hopeful and trying to do their jobs to the best of their abilities.

Troy Barkman is a firefighter from the Richer area. He says volunteer firefighters from all over the Southeast have shown up to help with the search.

"We are on a mission, we are getting assigned on duties, we have a grid, and we are keeping in our group of people and sticking to our job. We got GPS trackers that the Office of the Fire Commissioner is giving us, so we're given the tools we need and the information that we need to go out into the bush."

Barkman says the volunteers are very committed to finding Byman and they are keeping their heads down.

"It is good to see that everyone is staying fresh, everyone is energetic and everyone is very passionate about getting Mary home. I am very proud of the departments that have stepped up and everyone that is giving their time. We are volunteers so no one is making a living coming here. It is very good to see the community step up."

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