Who doesn't love free food?

Damian Penner from Rocco's Pizzeria and Kenton Dyck took to the streets of Steinbach last Thursday and had a blast delivering free pizza.

And, with school right around the corner, of course, the conversation gravitated to school shopping, summer highlights, and university commuting. 

Listen to the full Pizza it Forward saga on the MIX 96 Drive Home podcast:

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LeFawn called in to win the first one while driving home with her kids, who were in the back seat yelling for pizza!

In the background, a family of four accepts a free pizza from Damian Penner and Kenton Dyck who are in the foreground.

LeFawn then sent us to her son Caleb who, in her own words, is a starving university student.

In the background, Caleb accepts free pizza from Kenton and Damian in the foreground.

While LeFawn was calling Caleb to see if he was home, Caleb was already chatting with his friend Nick... who overheard the conversation and was desperate to get himself some pizza. Success, Caleb sent us to Nick's place!

Nick and his wife accept pizza from Kenton and Damian

Nick then sent us to his friend and brother-in-law Jeff.

Jeff accepts pizza from Damian and Kenton

Jeff and his wife were more than happy to accept the gift, especially considering they had company to share it with. The final pie was sent over to Jeff's old friend Scott.

Scott Badiola and his wife accept free pizza from Damian and Kenton

Scott was happy about the free pizza, but his kids were ecstatic.