Angels Cabin Music Publishing hosted a giant music festival in Gardenton on Saturday, August 4th. People from the community and all over Manitoba drove out to Gardenton Park to have a good time, enjoy the sunshine, and take in all the great music.

Round the Bend was the first act up: made up of brother/sister/brother-in-law trio Raymond, Susan and Paul. Raymond and Susan had grown up together in England before coming to Canada, where Susan studied music at the University of Manitoba and met Paul. The trio specializes in Irish and Folk music but also dabbles in other various genres.

Other artists included Vince Andrushko and Ryan Stanley Shodine, with Generation Gap and Banned and Outlawed closing out the night. 

The Festival was organized by Joseph Blaire, one of the founders of Angels Cabin Music Publishing. Blaire explained that he and his wife started off as music writers who eventually decided to start up their own publishing company. From that, the festival blossomed as a chance to showcase the writing and performing that was coming from it.

In addition to the musical acts, there was a food canteen and drink tent operating all day and into the evening. Delicious burgers, fries, onion rings and more were being prepared by volunteers and organizers.

A Survivor game was also up and running, with teams competing at puzzles, ladder-golf, slip-n-slide and more competitions to win prizes.

The Gardenton Park was the perfect venue for the event, with a full size-stage and spectator area, as well as the nearby museum available for tours. Kelvin Chubaty, who helped organize the event, is the president of the board that helps run the park and the museum. The Ukrainian Museum is made up of artefacts donated by pioneers, including hats, tools, instruments, clothes, and more. Chubaty added that they hope to expand the grounds and the museum in the near future.

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Video: Highlights from the Gardenton Music Festival

Celebrate Summer Popped over to the Gardenton Angels Cabin Music Festival on August 4th, 2018. Here are a few highlights of the performances!

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