On Friday night the South East Thistles faced off against the Wasps in a classic game of rugby: the two teams of 15 gave it their all, and the Thistles emerged victoriously.

Fans came out to support both teams, including a mother from Winnipeg whose son, now 27, had been playing rugby since the ninth grade. 

"I've barely missed a game ever that he's played."

The sport, known for its roughness, also has many benefits according to the Thistle's on-hand chiropractor Derek Magnus. 

"That's one thing that's great about rugby, it's a rough and tough sport, but after the end of the game the players come together and hang out and have a BBQ...so it's a great sport for that."

The beautiful weather helped the evening to be an exciting time for all, from those who'd seen a thousand rugby games, to those who hadn't seen any at all.

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