The first phone call I received this morning was at 7:30 am and I was greeted with the words “Merry Christmas”! Since I had already taken a peek out my windows and saw white stuff everywhere, I was not surprised. Still, not the words I wanted to hear in the middle of April.

The unexpected can bring a wide variety of emotions and responses depending on the circumstances.

  • An unexpected financial windfall can be exciting
  • An unexpected snowy storm when we are looking for spring weather can be disappointing
  • An unexpected visit from family or friends can be a treat
  • An unexpected day off mean you can relax without guilt
  • An unexpected loss of someone you love is devastating
  • An unexpected loss of your job results in confusion and even panic

Whether we are pleased, excited, upset, angry, or hurt, we still make choices. After the initial shock is passed it helps to take a bit of time to consider how we are going to choose to react. This may require some practice and maybe some advance preparation. Doing some reading on a variety of topics can help us to think about some of those life circumstances that we all have to face, and may assist us when we are thrust into unplanned situations.

This morning I didn’t spend much time choosing – I simply decided that since the weather is not something I can control, I would just have to be stoic and put up with it until it melts.

Happy Snow Day!

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