What kind of reader are you?

Many of us love to read, but we often go about it in very different ways. So many different ways, in fact, that there are too many variations to fit nicely into a neat little list, or one simple blog post. But what the heck, it’s fun to try, so I’ve created a few categories that touch on some reading style differences in order to find my own reading type acronym. It’s like the Myers-Briggs of reading, but significantly less scientifically valid since I made it up this morning over a nice cup of coffee. In an effort to make it appear more official, I have made it into an inforgraphic. 

What Kind of Reader Are YouDisclaimer: I make no promises yours will form something that can actually be pronounced as a word. If you need another vowel, I suggest moving to the impulsive reading style.


As for myself, I am a laser-focused, eclectic, polyamorous, impulsive/researcher, devourer reader. LEPIRD. A badge I will wear with pride, though it will confuse every single person that sees it as it is a made-up acronym.

About the Authors

Hi - my name is Carolyn Graham and I am the Head Librarian and I love my job! One of the best parts of my job is that I am the first one to see all the beautiful new books as they arrive. I have always loved to read and my favorite way to relax is with a good book. I strongly believe that having good reading skills is an integral part of all learning. Being able to share good books and authors that I have enjoyed is great fun. Feel free to come and ask for suggestions.

Hi - I’m Aubrey Walker, Assistant Librarian at the Jake Epp Library. I’m a librarian and coffee guzzler by day, a reader and tea sipper by night. Reading and writing (and talking endlessly about both) are passions of mine, so I’m rather lucky to have a job where those things are relevant and important. I’m also the voice behind our Facebook page, and I love connecting with people about books both online and off.

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