“With age comes wisdom.” Oscar Wilde, the wisdom to know that healthy skin comes from the inside. We can use every cream, serum and filler to help our skin maintain its healthy glow, but nothing works as well as good nutrition and optimal hydration. The nutrients we consume along with the health of our gut are instrumental in the way we look on the outside. Aging, poor lifestyle habits, environmental UV rays, dehydration and toxins are common stressors that can aggravate the skin and lead to skin aging. We can slow the aging process and even reverse some of the effects of time if we can support the production and maintenance of our connective tissue.

A diet rich in collagen protein, vitamins and minerals allows the body to maintain connective tissue. In other words, maintain healthy joints and create beautiful hair, skin and nails. Supplements that can support healthy youthful skin include bone broth, silica, vitamins, minerals and MSM.

Bone broth is a nutrition superfood rich in collagen protein, minerals, glucosamine, chondroitin and hyaluronic acid. These nutrients promote the integrity of connective tissue and reduce inflammation. In fact, many of these nutrients are used in anti-aging serums and facial creams. Understandably, consuming the nutrients is more effective than applying topically. The skin is one of the great benefactors of adding bone broth to your diet. Nutrients that support healthy connective tissue slows the signs of aging including wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness and saggy skin. A lack of connective tissue is the main cause of cellulite and loss of skin tone. People who consume a diet rich in collagen, hyaluronic acid and minerals report a significant reduction in the appearance of cellulite and aging.

Bone broth also supports the health of the gut by reducing inflammation and maintaining the tone of the gut walls. This means better absorption of consumed nutrients.

By the time we are 21 our collagen starts to break down and diminishes 1% per year, thereafter. Within 10 years we begin to see the signs of breakdown with fine lines, sagginess and cellulite. Double-blind research conducted over an 8-week period with women between the age of 35-55 years who consumed one serving of bone broth per day showed significant improvements in skin elasticity and moisture within the first 4 weeks of the study.

A serving of bone broth protein can be added to almost any smoothie and can be used in most recipes. The bone broth protein source is different from many powdered protein supplements which will denature during cooking. Collagen based proteins like bone broth are an ideal protein for many people and especially those over the age of 40 who may be less interested in lean muscle maintenance and more interested in slowing the breakdown of the connective tissue in joints, tendons and skin.

Another connective tissue power house is silica. Silica is derived from the aqueous extract of the herb, spring horsetail (Equisetum arvense) which is specially processed to provide a readily assimilated and abundant source of trace minerals. Silica strengthens and beautifies hair, skin, nails by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles through the nutrient maintenance of collagen in connective tissue.

Biotin is a water-soluble B vitamin that is also important for maintaining healthy hair and minimizing hair loss. Biotin helps the body metabolize carbohydrates, fats and proteins and can help give volume and encourage strong healthy hair. It can help carry oxygen to cells in the scalp and follicles to promote healthy hair.

A good vitamin, supplement or liquid solution high in B vitamins and minerals can help support the hydration and smoothness of skin and promote healthy hair as well. Optimal vitamin and mineral intake will reduce the signs of fine lines and enhance the body’s ability to deal with environmental and dietary stressors. Some multi vitamins are formulated specifically for the nourishment of hair, skin and nails and include micronutrients that support all connective tissue.

MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is a rich source of sulfur. Sulfur is a key component of collagen that supports the skin’s structural framework. MSM acts to inhibit the breakdown of dermal collagen and elastin that can lead to wrinkle formation and fragile skin. MSM aids in improving skin strength and elasticity by maintaining disulfide bonds that keep collagen strands strong to preserve the pliancy of connective tissue promoting firmer skin. MSM helps regulate the skin barrier to make cells more permeable and improve the absorption of nutrients and helps keep skin hydrated.

For many people, looking good is part of feeling good. Healthy radiant skin is a sign of vibrant good health and is often at the top of the wish list for people who want to look their best. Make your skin look amazing, again! Supplement your healthy diet with nutrients that protect and nourish your skin.

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