What if we told you that for just five dollars, you could provide life saving medical care for a person in need half a world away?

Lisa Livingstone Clark is trying to spread the word to fellow south eastern Manitobans about an opportunity to help those living in extreme poverty in Africa.  'Dukundane' (Doo Koon Duh Nay) is a Kinyarwandan word meaning 'Love One Another'.  The Dukundane Initiative exists to provide free health cards to those living in poverty throughout Rwanda.  Lisa felt compelled to get involved after visiting that country this past August and seeing first hand the financial challenges of those living there.  

Essentially, for the equivalent of five dollars Canadian, you'll be providing 90% of medical coverage for one Rwandan for an entire year!  That includes doctor visits, medication, and even surgeries.  

If you're interested in purchasing a health card, or perhaps you'd like to purchase a health card in the name of a friend or loved one this Christmas season, you can visit their website for complete info.

Lisa says just looking into the eyes of a mother who will now be able to provide medical care for her child was something that impacted her greatly, and as a mother herself; profoundly changed her.  

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