2013 09 305

If you've attempted to drive down Provincial Road 305 in the last couple of days, it could be you hit a roadblock. That's because a film is being shot this week between Loeppky Road and Highway 59.

Kim Todd is President of Original Pictures, with offices in Winnipeg and Toronto. She is producing the film, Joy Ride 3 for Fox Entertainment. Todd explains Joy Ride was written by J.J. Abrams which proved to be a successful film for 20th Century Fox. Joy Ride 3 is a sequel and will go directly to DVD.

Simply put, Todd says Joy Ride 3 is about a joy ride, including fast paced scenes with cars and transport trucks "interacting on the road." She notes there are continuing elements that play throughout this trilogy, including Rusty Nail who will make another appearance.

According to Todd, the cast is entirely Canadian, including Kirsten Prout from The Twilight Saga and both Ken Kirzinger and Jesse Hutch from Freddy vs. Jason. She adds it is also an almost entirely Manitoba crew shooting the film.

Todd says the entire film is shot in Manitoba, with about twenty per cent of their filming done along PR 305. That has forced the closure of the highway on September 4,5,6 and 9 from 6am-7pm each day.

"The reason we're closing it is that we are shooting highway scenes," says Todd. "A movie called Joy Ride, you can imagine has trucks and cars as some of its stars," she says. "It's obviously a situation where we can't have public traffic coming through, it would be dangerous for all concerned."

Todd says the story is about people on the road in remote places. "First of all creatively we needed a place that looked remote and didn't have a lot of buildings along the side of the road," she says. "Secondly we needed a place where we could safely close off the road and inconvenience as few people as possible."

Todd admits they tried hard to work with the province to choose a place that looked appropriate and beautiful. "This countryside, as you all know who live here, is beautiful."

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