2013 11 arena

The Centennial Arena in Steinbach is going to get some additional seats. The Steinbach Pistons came up with the proposal to add 62 seats. They asked city council to cost share the $16,000.00 project on a 50-50 basis and also asked the city to cover any overruns.
Deputy Mayor Michael Zwaagstra says city council agreed Tuesday to pay for half of the project but with a cap of $8,000.00 on the city's share.

"We have passed a Motion that states that we will cover up to 50% of the cost of the 62 additional seats in the area, up to a maximum of $8,000.00. We need to have a clear number in place. We can't commit to a number that is not specific. The motion states that we will partner with them to cover costs but there is a maximum to what we'll cover and that is $8,000.00"
City council was unanimous in approving the motion. Mayor Chris Goertzen says it's a good deal.

"I think it's very good when you have a community organization like the Pistons contributing to our community and now they want to contribute to the building that they occupy. We were able to come up with a partnership deal. It's not a complete fix for the arena but it's a start. It will allow more people to enjoy Pistons' games and for them to have more revenue when it comes to ticket sales."

The proposal calls for the seats to be added at either end of the bleachers as well as in one of the centre aisles.

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