Don and Lise Normandeau were presented with a check for $29,002.50, their half of winning the 50/50 For Kids grand prize draw on Monday.

Getting the call on Monday morning was the last thing Don expected. "I was in Brandon dropping off my son at the fire college," he explained on the morning show. "I got the call and I really didn't believe it. I heard a few familiar voices but it didn't seem real. It still hasn't really sunk in yet."

Lise had a similar reacion. "Don called while I was working and told me to go listen to the radio. He said he won 50-50 For Kids which I didn't believe at first, he is a bit of a joker. But, I turned on the radio and shortly after, I heard it was real and it was very exciting."

The Normandeau's already have plans for their winnings, "we have time booked off in March and we were going to take a trip," Lise explained. "We're thinking now Belize or Hawaii, somewhere warm and this money will help a lot."

With more snow in the forecast, we thougth maybe a new snowmobile might be in the works for Don, but after Lise gave a quick head shake, Don admitted, "I just got a new one last year. So trips is where it's best to go."

The other half of the 50-50 is going to ROC Eastman and that's what the Normandeaus really got excited for. "We were just buying tickets because it's a great cause," Lise said. "We wanted to help and this is kind of a nice bonus but the important thing is the money going to ROC. Our kids were able to go and do recreational things and we're happy to help others."

"I bought a books worth," Don said Tuesday morning, still letting the moments sink in. "I knew it would help ROC and that's why we bought. It's nice to win but it's great for ROC and the great work they do."

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