No-tackle, touch football will be offered in Steinbach this spring for youth ages 10-15.
Organizer Don Schinkel

Don Schinkel says the sport is really popular in Winnipeg, and he would like to see it catch on here. “It's an all-inclusive sport where no previous is experience is necessary, and the rules are pretty simple.”

Schinkel says the plan is to run the eight-week program at a school playground in Steinbach, beginning in early May. He says the program will focus on offensive and defensive strategies, ball throwing, run patterns, and ball security, in a fun and safe environment.

The program is open to youth in the Southeast, and with enough interest, there will be two groups split by age category. 10-12-year-olds would be in one group and 13-15-year-olds would be in another. “You'll be on offence, then when the other team has the ball you'll be switching to defence, so you'll have to defend the same route runner that's compatible with your skill level.”

Schinkel says he's also looking to offer a conditioning opportunity for football players in the offseason, which would provide a more rounded overview of their personal development.

Registration will take place March 27th and 28th at Cleasrspring Centre from 7-9pm across from Winners. 

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