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Rosemary Siemens & the Sweet Sound Revival

Rosemary Siemens Local Artist 2017
Feisty and fiercely talented Rosemary Siemens from southern Manitoba has been entertaining and enthralling audiences around the world since the age of 3. Known for her love of sparkle and bling, quirky laugh, and warm, genuine personality, Rosemary is world-class improv violinist and vocalist, but a very down to earth small-town farm girl, dominating the world-stage playing a 300-year-old violin named “Sparkle” (that was played in King Louis XIV’s orchestra). Rosemary has performed in over 20 countries as well as the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics and Hockey Night in Canada. In 2016 Rosemary was honoured with a special plaque in her hometown which inspired her to write, record and launch her debut bluegrass album entitled “Plum Coulee, My Home” featuring Rosemary & The Sweet Sound Revival. “Through this album, I have shared my stories and I hope that you will get a glimpse of who I am and the faith that I hold in my heart. I hope this album inspires you to ‘Let It Shine’, ‘Have a Little Faith’, and if you dare, go ‘Barefoot ‘N Bling’.” 

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/rosemarysiemens/?fref=ts

Website / iTunes information - https://rosemarysiemens.me/


Petric Local Artist 2017
Jason and Tom Petric have been entertaining audiences since they were young  teenagers, so it only makes sense that these local boys came together to form the band - PETRIC. Jason, the oldest of the two ventured on his own, releasing two solo albums (Self-titled - 2011, Tease - 2013), as well touring as a back-up guitarist for many Manitoba acts. While Tom, was always apart of whatever show or project his older brother had going on, basically grew up on stage. His smooth, powerful vocals, has captured audiences from the first time he ever opened his mouth to sing. These brothers have come along way from where they started, landing opening slots for Doc Walker and Gord Bamford, as well as JUNOFEST and CCMA showcases. The PETRIC camp has been juggling time between the stage, the studio and Nashville, where they continue to work with hit writers and producers.

Country 107 plays - “Here goes everything” - “It Girl” - “All she wrote” - “Play it safe” 

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/petricmusic/

Website / iTunes information - http://www.petricmusic.com/

Trevor Johnson

Trevor Johnson Local Artist 2017
This Country Vet - Singer/Songwriter can be found playing original music in quiet settings or on stages at music festivals across the province. Music has always been a part of Trevor's life. He grew up on a Manitoba farm singing along to the tractor's crackling AM radio stations which helped pass the time, working out in the field. Trevor taught himself guitar on his dad's acoustic instrument. His stubbornness to learn to play, motivated him to buy his own guitar and after overcoming stage fright, Trevor began performing at weddings and charity events in the community. After several trips to Nashville, Trevor's songs were noticed by local radio stations and encouraged to keep singing and songwriting. He released his first professional album, "FOOTSTEPS" in 2012. In 2015, Trevor was nominated for Emerging Artist at the Manitoba Country Music Association Awards.

Country 107 – plays “Moonshine” 

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/trevorjohnsonmusicpage/?fref=ts  

Website / iTunes information - https://www.trevorjohnsonmusic.com/

Jason Kirkness

Jason Kirkness Local Artist 2017
Jason Kirkness , raised in Kleefeld, graduated from the SRSS in the 90's. Jason’s love of Country and Rock & Roll music was inspired by his music teachers, grew from the encouragment of his father. This local singer songwriter signed his first label deal in 2010, then released “Run me away” - “No Cowboy” and “Leavin”. Kirkness has seen his share of the Canadian and US country-side and has just returned to Manitoba after a time in Nashville. About touring, Jason says “It's important to stay on the road because that's how you make your living. It's also the most fun part.” Jason has performed hundreds of shows and has opened for Country recording stars, Florida Georgia Line, Dierks Bentley, Luke Bryan and Carrie Underwood to name a few. More recently and perhaps his greatest achievement is the release of his latest album “A Beautiful Disaster” and his first single “Whiskey Kiss”.

Country 107 is playing “Run me Away” “ No Cowboy” “Leavin'” “ Folsom Prison Blues” “ Whiskey Kiss”

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/JasonKirknessMusic/

Website / iTunes information - https://jasonkirkness.com/

Don Amero

Don Amero Local Artist 2018
Don Amero, a singer – song writer from southern Manitoba who has already seen much success! The former hardwood-flooring installer, to unsuccessfully trying out for Canadian Idol to releasing his first CD in 2006. His music has won several awards, including Best Aboriginal Recording at the Western Canadian Music Awards in 2011. And in 2012 Don won Male Entertainer of the Year, and Best Pop Album at the Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards. Don Amero teamed up with Canadian Country Artist Brett Kissel on “Rebuild this town” and toured across Canada. 


Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/donameromusic/

Byron Falk

Byron Falk Local Artist 2 2018
Byron Falk calls himself a half-time cowboy living in a modern world with an old western heart. Surrounded by music all his life including the “Falk Family” band, Byron has now stepped out on his own, backed up by “The Half-Time Cowboys”. His love of music started with self-taught rhythm guitar and blue-grass licks which provide an original yet classic country sound. Byron says “If I’m going to sing about it, I’ve got to live it”, so he spends time on horse-back, training, riding and competing. Byron lives and works in Grunthal and sings and writes from his heart. He’s got his own version of Country music and his fans are loving it. 


Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/byron.falk.5


Chekia Local Artist 2018
“Chekia” is the name of a 3-piece band from Steinbach who play reggae and Polynesian island music. The band members who work with Y.W.A.M. (Youth with a Mission) are from Samoa, Fiji, Hawaii, Tahiti and New Zealand, but call Manitoba their home. Chekia is a part of Island Breeze Manitoba, a community group dedicated to spreading the joy of the cultures of Polynesia with music and dance.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/islandbreezemanitoba/

The Boy and the Sea

Boy and the Sea Local Artist 2017
“The Boy and The Sea” formed in Steinbach in 2016 with vocalist Mike Burnard (Live on Arrival, Crisis Jane), electric guitarist Jay Reddecopp (Essentials, Ruins) and drummer Allen Penner (Cardboard Guitars, Motive Music), later adding Luke Jacob Thiessen on Bass. These 4 are incredibly talented as individual musicians, but together combine contagious melodies with a range of rock influences and captivating harmonies. The band is quickly gaining fans with performances around the province. “Frail” EP, the first project of The Boy and the Sea was self-released in March 2017, and includes singles “Animal” and “Love You More”.

Mix 96 plays "Love you More"

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/theboyandtheseaband/

Grey in Cinema

Grey in Cinema Local Artist 2017
Grey in Cinema
began in 2013. Nik Kauenhofen and Josh Lepp, from Steinbach, were in Grade 10 when they started writing & recording music together. After spending many High School lunch hours writing chord progressions and melodies and putting down demo tracks, their "Culmination" debut album started coming together. In fall of 2016, after 7 months in studio the Album was completed. The album title "Culmination" was chosen because of the countless hours and incredible focus required to write and record the songs. Music on this album reflects the passion and love for music and their creator, through earthy tones, guitars and intimate vocals. Watch for the band performing at local festivals in your community. 

Mix 96 is playing “House of Cards” 

Website / iTunes information - https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/greyincinema2

Album available for purchase on iTunes / Spotify / Apple Music / GooglePlay 

Jasmine Simard

Jasmin Simard Local Artist 2017
Jasmine, a young lady from southern Manitoba, has always shown a love for singing and dance. She began voice lessons at 6 years old and her love for performing quickly developed. Jasmine's talent was soon recognized and at eight years of age became part of K-tel's “Mini-pops Kids”. She continued to succeed and has recorded a total of 6 albums, along with commercials and music videos. She also recorded many songs for iTunes. Jasmine's love of competition increased. Successes include winning first place in both “Kidz Quest” and “Youth Stars of Manitoba” competitions. Jasmine is currently developing her singing/ song writing skills working with various local recording artists. Her songs are insightful and thought provoking.

Mix 96 – is playing “Second Chance” 

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/jasmine.simard.7?fref=ts


Plain as Ghosts

Plain as Ghosts Local Artistt 2017

Plain as Ghosts draws on deep, personal experiences derived through love, loss and life. The intimate lyrics spark an outlook of hope and integrity which comes as a refreshing take on a genre typically fuelled by anger and aggression. The music is described as heavy and lyrically directed with hints of melodic ambience. Comprised of Trevor Lux (vocals/guitar), Adam Halstrom (bass/vocals), Daniel Friesen (guitar/vocals) and Rodrigo Ramirez (drums), the band formed in the fall of 2014 and is based in Southern Manitoba.

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Royal Canoe

Royal Canoe LOCAL ARTIST 2017

Royal Canoe's dedication to crafting a seamless musical performance is obsessive. For live shows, they’d rather lug hundreds of pounds of keyboards, mixers and pedals across the continent (very much like a voyager canoe) than rely on lengthy backing tracks. They actually play every part, every time. And while their van is packed with hardware, much of that hardware is, in turn, crammed full of widely-sourced samples and adoringly homemade sounds. Their fearlessness about using whatever they feel like, is grounded not in recklessness fashion, but with a decisive confidence. All members of Royal Canoe are from Southern Manitoba. 

We're playing: "Hold on to the Metal" 

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Robb Nash

Robb Nash Local Artist 2017

Live on Arrival was borne of Robb Nash's desire to make every day count. Through his music and words, he inspires others to do the same. As a teenager, Robb cheated death in a near fatal car crash. Since that day, his life has changed dramatically. Despite his band's songs making top 10 across the country, Robb has put his band's career on hold, choosing instead to tour the country, speaking to high school students about the value of life, and the importance of good judgment.

We're playing: "Shadow"

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Leanne Pearson

Leanne Pearson Local Artist 2017

Leanne Pearson has been described by industry folk as levelheaded, mature, sweet, funny and very talented. This young country rocker walks on stage with a pretty dress, cowboy boots and a big smile, then shatters your expectations as she tears up the stage with her edgy stage presence. Leanne Pearson calls southern Manitoba home. 

We are playing: "Worth Fighting For" and "Everything I Needed"

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Keith and Renee

Keith and Renee Local Artist 2017

Warner Music Canada country duo Keith and Renee cover new terrain with their 2014 release, Feel Good Thing - an album that’s all about the journey.
Slinging their guitars and powerful voices from Winnipeg to Nashville and Toronto, Keith Macpherson and Renee Lamoureux have spent the past several years exploring new avenues for performing, song writing and recording. Keith and Renee hail from Ile des Chenes, Manitoba. 

 We're playing: "Feel Good Thing" and  "Should've Stayed in Bed"

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Alyssa Mercedes

Alyssa Mercedes LOCAL ARTIST 2017

Since Alyssa was old enough to sing, she's been passionate about music. Over the past several years, she's performed at Summer in the City, Morris Stampede, KR Barkman Concerts in the Park and at a variety of weddings, fundraisers, and has participated in the Southeastern Manitoba Festival. Alyssa is determined to pursue a career in the music industry as a devoted singer/songwriter. Alyssa is proud to call Steinbach home. 

We're playing "Falling"

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Ashley Klimpke

Ashley Klimpke Local Artist 2017

Ashley says "I don't know my life without music..." It's true. From a very young age Ashley was taking piano lessons, then discovered her voice and sang in local festivals, at weddings and made her way to sporting events, where today, she is the back-up singer for the Winnipeg Jets National Anthem! Ashley also says "You simply have to put yourself out there, what do you have to lose?"  Ashley is originally from Stonewall and lately, has enjoyed being called a resident Steinbach. 

 We're playing "I am"

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The Ripperz

The Ripperz Local Artist 2017

Their presence as a successful rock ‘n’ roll band in Manitoba is unmistakable. The Ripperz have been playing together for years and each show they play, puts occupancy limits to the test. While touring Western Canada, they were met with similar success.

In May 2008, the Ripperz released their first full-length, self-titled album, and in November 2011 they released their second album, “You Are The Moon”.

What is always remembered about the Ripperz is their commitment to the live show. From young to old, everyone is full of excitement and anticipation when it’s time for the Ripperz to take stage. Their crowds are passionate. And, the Ripperz are all about passion! The Ripperz call southern Manitoba home. 

Members of The Ripperz - Travis Warkentin / Chris Sawatzky / Mark Wiebe

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Luke Jacob

Luke Jacob Local Artist 2017

Luke has always loved to make music. This Mitchell Manitoba boy has been playing bass, drums and guitar for a number of years now. Luke and some school friends started a band called "Jonas Save Us", performing at local events, writing songs and getting performance experience. June 2011 Luke performed solo on the Main Stage during Steinbach's Summer in the City. In spring of 2012 Luke travelled across Europe with friends. Luke has released a demo called "A Winter Afternoon" and is currently writing for a full album. 

Songs we play - Alone with Edgar

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Jordan St. Cyr

Jordan St Cyr Local Artist 2017

Sonically compelling music that matters.

If "salt of the earth" could describe an artist and his music, there is perhaps no more apt phrase for roots/rock artist, Jordan St Cyr. A sincere, veracious artist with a talent for writing melodies to be visited over many years.

Born and raised in the prairies, with most of his upbringing in rural Manitoba, Jordan is well-versed in the ethic of hard-work and the honest, down-to-earth values so often associated with life in the country. His influences were initially drawn from his father's own love of music and songwriting, and have evolved to include a broad range of contemporaries. In 2011 he decided to release a solo project, "Let Go" receiving airplay locally and internationally, and garnering him an opening spot for Burton Cummings.

With a raw, contemporary sound, and lyrics that are ready to explore real-life topics, Jordan could certainly find his songs in many corners of the entertainment industry. His new album, "Anchors" is set to release late 2013.

We're playing "In the Morning", "Hallelujah"

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