After years of planning, the Town of Ste. Anne is getting much needed upgrades and expansion for an aging lagoon. 

“That's a $13 million project, which is enormous for a town our size,” says Mayor Yvan St. Vincent. “But it was necessary as our lagoon had gotten very old, frankly, and needed some serious upgrades whether we were continuing to add developments or not. It was a necessary step, and it was timely in the sense that we can also do the expansion and accommodate those future residents that we're trying to gather here in Ste. Anne.” 

The Ste. Anne lagoon is located directly adjacent to the Seine River Diversion, approximately 2 km southwest of the town centre. It had been constructed in 1978. 

While it is a costly project, St. Vincent says they are getting some help to pay for it. 

“We're getting some help from the federal and provincial governments because we could not even come close to doing it on our own,” he says. “We know that it is doable, but it's going to make things fairly tight here for the next several years because it doesn't allow us a lot of wiggle room on other projects.” 

Looking back on 2022, St. Vincent says other highlights include being able to move into their new office. 

“It is something that we've been trying to do for several years, so that was exciting to get that done.” 

Rounding out his list of the top three events of the year is the election which saw St. Vincent run uncontested for mayor. Veterans Lyle Davis and Cornie Klassen were re-elected, joined by newcomers Jason Einarson and Jeremy Wiens.