If you are looking for some hiking trails to explore, a senior park interpreter at Birds Hill Provincial Park suggests Cedar Bog be added to your list. 

Lindsey Mitton says it's a beautiful trail this time of year. 

“I love that one in the wintertime because you do see a lot of birds and some different wildlife down there taking shelter in those cedar trees and it's very serene, very quiet when you get down there,” she says. 

Mitton also recommends the Nimowin Trail which gained popularity during the past few years as they tried to steer hikers away from ski trails. 

“And that’s up in the north part of the park, not as well known, but it's a really nice little 2-kilometer trail and it takes you through a lot of different habitats, so you see a real variety of trees and plants and lots of chickadees along that trail too. So, if you are looking to encounter some chickadees, that is a great trail to go and explore.” 

She says both trails are great places to enjoy the outdoors during the wintertime. 

“A lot of our trails that are accessible for walking in the winter, you could also use snowshoes on them. That's one of the great things on Nimowin Trail is there's a big section of the trail that travels through a field. It's actually an old gravel quarry that's been filled in and so you can go off trail with your snowshoes and trump through some deeper snow. And then get back on to the packed down trail if you need a little break and just do some exploring.”

Birds Hill Provincial Park offers a variety of winter activities including ski lessons and snowshoe tours. 

It might be easier to get outdoors over the next few weeks with mild weather in the forecast. While a park pass is required to visit provincial parks, park passes are not required during the month of February.

-With files from Carly Koop.