Live action role-playing, or LARPing, is when a group of people get together, wear costumes, and jump into their pretend fantasy world.  

Coltin Day loves to LARP in his free time. He says it is a great hobby for making friends.  

“It’s an amazing thing not only to stay active, but it’s a group thing so it’s nice to get out and be involved in a community of like-minded people that just enjoy swinging foam swords at each other in the bush on the weekends.”  

Lauren Perry says there are a lot of different choices you get to make when creating your character. Just like a video game, there is a lot of customization. You choose an occupation, your abilities, pick a name, and much more. “You decide who you want to be. Do you want to be a blacksmith? You can do that. Do you want to be a mage and have magic? You can do that.”  

They have rule books available on their Facebook page and Discord server explaining how to go about creating a character. They are also working on a website and they hope for that to go up in August.  

Perry enjoys it as she gets to do activities she loves and meet new people. “Just the idea of acting which is something I love and improvising, fantasy, and nerds all in one place sounds good to me.”  

Their guild, Misthaven, is specifically based in dark horror fantasy. Their guild is a part of a global LARPing group called “Underworld.” It runs across Canada, Florida, and Japan.  

Misthaven rents a hobby farm from another LARP group. For their first season they only had 3 games per month, when they usually have eight. Day explains although they currently don’t meet as often, they have new people joining every game.  

Their season opener was on May long weekend and their next event "When the Wolves Howl" is from June 24th to June 26th. All of the dates are planned ahead of time for the whole season, so you can see in advance when the events are scheduled. 

Perry says the group is awesome, and she can't wait to meet more people. “We’re all super kind, super nice, we love having new people. Please come and join us. We want to grow our community.”