Ron Lemieux gets a shift as Permier Gary Doer shuffles his cabinet.
In the process of creating a new cabinet, Doer created 2 new portfolios.  Ron Lemieux will lead the new Department of Infrastructure.  He'll be responsible for the province's major infrastructure programs including highways, the floodway and water services board.  Scott Smith has been put in charge of the new Department of Competitiveness, Training and Trade.  The department will try to grow Manitoba businesses and invest in skill development.  Theresa Oswald takes over as Health Minister, replacing Tim Sale.  Steve Ashton is the new minister of Intergovernmental Affairs, Dave Chomiak is the new Attorney General and Justice Minister.  Gord Mackintosh takes over as Family Services Minister, Jim Rondeau will head up Energy and Mines, Christine Melnick is Water Steward and Kerri-Irvin Ross is the new Healthy Living Minister.