This month is Canadian Agricultural Literacy Month.

Yesterday, marked Agriculture Awareness Day, Agriculture in the Classroom Manitoba (AITC-M)  is a key player in bringing awareness to the agriculture industry.

AITC-M is a non-profit charitable organization with a mandate to connect students with agriculture through innovative curriculum-based programs and resources. 

Agriculture Minister Ron Kostyshyn says the Province partners with AITC-M to deliver programming to 7,400 Manitoba students about the importance of agriculture,

"Agriculture is one of Manitoba’s leading industries and it’s growing. Our government is excited to partner with Agriculture in the Classroom Manitoba to teach young people more about where our food comes from and how they can get involved in the future of agriculture."

Agriculture in the Classroom - Manitoba's Executive Director Katharine Cherewyk says throughout the month volunteers have been helping to share the story of agriculture.

"We are working with over 155 volunteers from the agriculture industry, everywhere in Manitoba and they are in over 300 classrooms, sharing their story about agriculture. Talking about producers and what the agriculture industry is doing to care for our watersheds. Sharing their stories about what agriculture means to them, providing students and educators with an experience to connect themselves to this wonderful and important industry."

She says their goal is to grow that understanding and they do that by offering free resources, activities, and programs to teachers.

"So they can use their current curriculum and also connect agriculture concepts to all the grade levels, but also then close that gap between the farm and the plate. We also want to inspire the next generation of people who want to work in this industry as well."

Over the last few weeks, a number of industry groups and organizations in the ag sector have finalized funding agreements with AITC-M which helps them deliver their programming.

Cherewyk says support from partners in government and industry who believe in our mission has been instrumental in expanding our reach and impact.

"Together we are inspiring the next generation to understand and value the industry that feeds Manitoba and the world. Our mission has never been more vital. Our programs and resources address misinformation and provide educators with the tools they need to inspire future consumers, voters and leaders. We are committed to leading public trust in agriculture and influencing its success and sustainability for generations to come."