Construction is underway for the new building that will soon become the home base for Steinbach and Area Animal Rescue. 

President Michelle Neufeld says the well has been drilled on their property and the building is taking shape. 

“It actually looks like a building now,” she says with a grin. “It’s not just a sketch or a drawing. They have quite a bit done. Our builder thinks it should be ready to move onto our property by the end of October. Fingers crossed the weather stays nice and everything falls into place.”

Early construction stage of new rescue shelter.(Photo Credit:

Having advocated for this building for many years, Neufeld says it is slowly starting to sink in that this is really happening. 

“It’s starting to feel a little bit real when I’m picking out colours of flooring and cabinets,” she says. “And when I will have to start buying light fixtures and stuff like that, then it’s going to really start to feel real.” 

Neufeld points out that this building does not change the need for fosters to care for pets who are waiting to be adopted. 

“Animals do better in a home setting, so we want to keep as many fosters as possible,” she explains. “Our building is like a back-up, overflow area.” 

Earlier this month, many foster families and volunteers gathered at A.D. Penner Park for a BBQ in their honour, hosted by the animal rescue.

Anika Ginter beside a kennel with two cats inside.Anika Ginter with her newest addition to her family, and a new foster kitten.

Adoption coordinator Sandra Watson says it was a great turnout. 

“I’m so excited to see this,” she says. “We’re building a community; we want to keep building this community. We want more people to want to join this great team of people that care for animals in need, helping out at fundraisers, everything. Let’s keep building this community. Let’s get more cats and dogs off the streets and into homes.” 

Leo the baby beagle also attended the BBQ with his family. They initially were fostering him and quickly realized that he found his fur-ever home. After his adoption, they named him Cooper. 

“When I first got him, he was very weak,” recalls Jamie Daniuk. “He didn’t do a whole lot.” 

@steinbach_online #LeosLaw is inspired by this #runt who was rescued by @Steinbach Animal Rescue #beagle ♬ You Got A Friend In Me (From "Toy Story") - Just Kids

Now that Cooper is feeling better, he has grown bigger and stronger. His fur looks healthier, and his legs have straightened out. When Cooper first came to rescue, his fur was urine stained, his belly was full of parasites, he was malnourished, and his knees were really weak. 

Daniuk says Cooper could not climb up small steps when she first got him. 

“He used to try to jump up onto the deck from the patio and he couldn’t make it,” she says. “Now he just leaps, no problem. He’s getting close to being able to jump onto the couch.” 

@steinbach_online Cooper, a recent resident of Steinbach and Area Animal Rescue has found his forever home after a difficult start. #rescuedog #steinbach #rescue ♬ Music In Your Heart (Instrumental) - BLVKSHP

Neufeld says there is always a celebratory feeling when a previously neglected pet bounces back so strongly as soon as they get their basic needs met and are showered with love and attention. 

She says there are many stories similar to Cooper’s and it fuels the team to continue working at rescuing even more animals. 


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