The Steinbach Pistons Fire & Ice banquet is coming up later this February. 

Jamie Roy, Sales and Marketing Manager for the Steinbach Pistons, says the most exciting piece is their guest speakers.  

“This year, we are honored to have Buck Pierce, who's the current offensive coordinator of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and former quarterback of the Bombers. He’s won a Grey Cup as a player back when he played for BC, and two now on staff.” 

The other guest speaker is Bob Irving. 

“Who was the voice of the Bombers for almost 50 years, from 1974 to 2021 he was the voice of the Bombers on CJOB.” 

Roy is looking forward to watching them come together. 

“They're friends now, and obviously Bob has called some of the games that Buck has played, so it's going to be interesting to see that dynamic. Just to hear the stories they have to share about the different times that they've been involved with the organization.” 

He adds the MC for the banquet is Michelle Sawatzky. 

Part of the theme for the banquet this year is celebrating success, Roy explains why. 

“The Bombers have come a long way in the last number of years since they've been in the new stadium and have found a lot of success. The Bombers have had some success lately and so have the Pistons, there’s a lot to celebrate there.” 

Even though the Bombers didn’t win the Grey Cup last year, their seasons have been consistently successful. 

“It's a whole mindset, a whole mental state of just pushing through, and it takes a lot to be the best and to get to the final game, to get to the Championship Series every season for the last number of years,” says Roy. “Whether you win or lose that game is one thing, but just getting there is a lot of hard work.” 

Roy says they are trying some new things for this year’s banquet to freshen things up and keep it exciting for the guests. 

“We’re working with some fun partners to create some fun videos that you're going to see throughout the night. You've got some live music, different than last year, last year we had a full band. This year, we're going a different style of music that's going to play throughout dinner, some local talent, and Scott Jodoin and David Graham.” 

He notes another highlight of the banquet will be the food. 

“HyLife chef JP and the chef at the Niverville Heritage Centre have prepared a very delicious-looking menu for us.” 

The banquet is on Tuesday, February 27th at the Niverville Heritage Centre.  

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With files from Michelle Sawatzky