People are loving the burgers from this year’s Steinbach Burger Days.  

Ed Harder has been going hard all week long to support local and to taste all of the burgers. He’s tried seven burgers so far but his goal is at least 13. 

Harder shares his personal experience thus far. 

“My goal is to get a couple of burgers within a couple of blocks of each other, that way everything stays warm. If we can't go in to eat, then at least we can take it home. And of course, Audrey enjoying chicken more than she does the burgers, really, I have to schedule my route around all that so we can hit up the places that have the chicken burgers as well.” 

He loves to barbeque his own burgers outside of burger days, and he looks forward to getting to taste test everyone else's burgers during this week. 

“Some of the spices are like, if you have seen Chinos pizza with their toppings and their spices in there, my face was just like all of the heat kicked in hard. That was phenomenal.” 

It’s also a great excuse to turn a cheat day into a cheat week. 

“I was on a diet before and I said to myself, no, I'm going to be hitting up Burger Days, and I'm going to be hitting it hard.” 

Joanne Dalton says that it’s a really great excuse to go out and enjoy food from restaurants you don’t normally go to. 

“I like the relationship that it builds with all the restaurants. I think a lot of these places I don't go to as much as I'd like to. I get to go to this place once a year, I have a specific date for it, and it's one that I look forward to.” 

She also notes it’s great to see all of the different submissions and to see what people create from year to year. 

“I like to see like the blog on the commerce website with all the different flavours and see what people are doing that's creative or new or something that I know worked well. Is that going to come back next year? I just think it's a great, great fun thing for our community to do.” 

The Steinbach Chamber of Commerce hosts burgers and offers up participants an opportunity to win prizes and rate the burgers at #SteinbachBurgerDays.


Bigg Smoak BBQ – “BIGG Canadian Burger”


Boston Pizza – “Royal Italian”


Burrito Hut – “Burgerito”


Chicken Chef – “Chicken Inasal Burger”


Chinos Bistro – “Smokin’ Gun”


Di Reggae Grill – “Yah Mon Jerk Burger”


Doener Grill Express – “Supreme Chicken Bacon Burger”


George’s Burgers and Subs – “Mega Mac Boy Burger”


Hespeler’s Cookhouse & Tavern – “Buffalo Chicken Mac Stack”


Lecoka Café/Pita Hut – “The Spartan”


MJ’s Kafe – “Big Jacob”


R-Bistro – “Heart Attack Burger 2.0”


Santa Lucia – “Greek Stuffed Chicken Burger”


Sawney Beans – “SB Chicken Parmesan Burger”


Smitty’s – “Southwest Burger”