39 days after the Steinbach Pistons won the Turnbull Cup on home ice, the Centennial Arena is being torn down. 

Once the Pistons season came to a close, the organization and the City of Steinbach staff only had about a week to clear out of the arena. In that time Russ Dyck, Head of Parks and Recreation for the city says they salvaged as much as they could to be reused elsewhere or to be sold at auction.  

All of the banners, trophies and keepsakes were also removed.  

Once that work was complete, contractors were allowed into the building to begin the long process of asbestos abatement. According to Dyck, most of the material did not have a high level of asbestos, but there was some in the drywall mud, floor tiles, and insulation. He adds cleaning it up safely is very important. 

Crews are now moving on to the next big step, demolition. 

According to the City of Steinbach, demolition of the Centennial Arena will begin at 7 AM Wednesday morning. You can watch the whole thing take place on SteinbachOnline's live webcam.

Seeing the old barn torn down will be bittersweet for many people here in southeastern Manitoba, but most residents are also ready for the new Southeast Event Centre. 

holes can be seen in the Steinbach Pistons dressing room