Voices will unite on Sunday in Steinbach for the annual Sing for Peace concert, organized by the Eastman Choral Association. 

Meredith Hutchinson says the afternoon event will feature many singers. 

“So, we have our community choir featured, conducted by Colleen Koop-Sieben and Annalee Schellenberg on the piano, and then Michael Dueck at the Steinbach Christian School is coming out with his chamber choir, we’re excited to hear them,” she says. “And then Karen Peters is bringing her Mennonite Handbelles, which is a very neat group to bring on to this project this year. 

Nathan Dyck says the entire event is focused on peace and hope. 

“So, we do have poetry read, often it's by anti-war poets or peace-based poets,” he explains. “In this case, it's a poem about Armistice and the feeling of Armistice, that feeling of understanding loss and hardship, but that there's hope coming out of that.” 

Sing for peace happens at 2pm on Sunday, November 12th at the Grace Mennonite Church in Steinbach. 

“We don't charge a fee to come to the concert,” Dyck says. “It's free, but we do take an offering, a free- will offering and any proceeds that we have over our costs go to Steinbach Community Outreach. So, they will be coming and talking a little bit about what they do and the wonderful work that they do in our community for those less fortunate.” 

Sing for Peace promotional poster

-With files from Michelle Sawatzky


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