Everybody in the Southeast knows our roads have definitely seen better days.

Head of Public Works for the R.M. of Ste. Anne, Kevin Medeiros, says they are seeing a substantial amount of frost boils.

“We also have some asphalt that's softening up due to the weather. It's been a very strange year; this feels like this is about the third spring we're dealing with right now with the warm and the cold and the warm and the cold.” 

He says the constant switching between warm and cold temperatures has definitely had some impact on the severity of the frost boils. 

“It was a warmer winter. I was hoping that we could avoid some of these, but unfortunately, we're not.” 

Typically, with a warmer winter, the frost isn't very deep.

Medeiros says he was hoping that would be the case for 2024.

“We've had some warm and then it gets cold again and freezes for another month and then we got warm again, and I think that inconsistent weather plays a big part in these frost boils.” 

He compares conditions to last year. 

“Last year for myself and my time I've been here, that was the most obscure year because it was frost boils in areas where I've never seen frost boils. This year, they just seem to be in the normal areas I guess.” 

Medeiros does bring some good news, assuring the rain will help bring the frost out. 

“Hopefully, as much as this rain has made the roads in some cases impassable, it'll help speed up the process of getting the frost out.” 

Roads are rough across the Southeast, not just in the R.M. of Ste. Anne.


Video credit: Facebook/Group/WelcomeToMitchell,Manitoba

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