With Steinbach streets being free of snow and water, city crews have been busy filling potholes. 

Mayor Earl Funk says they are working hard to keep the streets in good shape. 

“I do want to encourage and let everyone know that we're working on them and as soon as we can get to them, they will get fixed,” he says. “There is a time when, if you put something in there it's just going to pop out with frost. There's the right timing to get it done and Randy and our public works guys, they are aware, and they are on it.” 

Funk says the winter weather this year has been ideal for damaging the streets in Steinbach. 

“I do think Steinbach is faring better than other urban centres in our province because we are proactive at fixing our roads. But you know what? This has just been a difficult winter on our roads, and we've got potholes everywhere. I hear about it every day.” 

Some of the biggest potholes this winter have been those on highways that run through Steinbach, particularly at the intersection of Main and Brandt streets. 

Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure recently sent a crew to make some temporary repairs at that intersection. 

The department notes that mild weather is causing potholes on PTH 12 and other provincial highways and roads, adding that “staff continue to apply repairs and patches until permanent repairs can be made when warmer weather arrives in spring and summer.” 

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