Steinbach City Council has decided to endorse a Steinbach Community Outreach affordable housing project.

In April, the province announced a $1.337M grant to address housing needs within the City of Steinbach.

Last week, council reviewed three proposed projects and voted unanimously to recommend Steinbach Community Outreach be approved for the grant.

Councillor Michael Zwaagstra made the motion noting Steinbach Community Outreach is a well-established and recognized non-profit organization in our city.

"They work with the vulnerable population, they know what type of housing would benefit their clientele, and they have put some excellent work into a very thorough proposal. They are proposing to build 24 housing units, some of them bachelor suites and some of them single bedroom which is, obviously, very good starter housing."

The other two proposals included an 18-unit multi-family complex to be built by Vogt Building Construction on First Street and a duplex that would be built by Habitat for Humanity.

Councillor Susan Penner seconded the motion. She says the Steinbach Community Outreach proposal stuck out to her because it is all-encompassing.

"It is an excellent proposal," notes Penner, "It is not just that they are going to be renting out these spaces but they are actually walking alongside the people who are going to be in these spaces. It is not just housing, it is more than that. It is the support as well."

Councillor Jac Siemens says it is worth highlighting Steinbach Community Outreach’s history in the community.

"They have certainly led the way working with the homeless, working with low-income families, they already have a number of places where they put families up on a short-term basis." Siemens adds "I think the 24 units that they are planning here is a very good start and it will give them a great opportunity to expand their role in our community and there is a need in the community."

Mayor Earl Funk says all three proposals were good, but council felt this was the one to go with. He notes council's recommendation will go to the province and if it is approved, Steinbach Community Outreach will get the grant and can then move forward with the project.