Ongoing roadwork on Highway 59 and at Deacon's Corner has wrapped up for the year.  

Both projects are in MLA Ron Schuler's Springfield-Ritchot Riding. He says the provincial government provided over $17M in investment for the two projects which each cost roughly the same amount. 

“I am happy to announce that the work on Highway  59 and at Deacon's Corner has finished up for this year,” notes Schuler. “This investment of over $8.8M will allow Highway 59 to continue to be safe and secure for the residents of Niverville, Ilé des Chenês, Ste. Agathe, and St. Adolphe. The $9M for the Deacon’s Corner improvements will also continue to provide safe and secure roads for the residents of Oakbank and Dugald.” 

The work at Deacon's Corner will continue in Spring as it has not been fully completed, however, traffic should move smoothly through winter with no speed reductions and all lanes open. Construction at Deacon’s Corner is expected to be fully completed in the fall of 2023.