Up to 250 people will have a golden ticket by March 7th, giving them a chance to win a 6-person hot tub from Deckcetera. 

Holly won her golden ticket by entering online at SteinbachOnline. Although she’s not sure where she would put the hot tub, Holly is confident that if she wins, it will all work out. 

Another online winner, Crystal, has been scoping out her yard to find the perfect spot for a hot tub. “I was actually looking outside last night trying to figure out where it's going to go, and I have a general idea.” She was lucky enough to get her golden ticket on her first try.

A hot tub without water.Win this hot tub from Deckcetera with Warm Up Winter!

Kathy was a lucky caller to AM1250 and now has a golden ticket. She says that after breaking her leg on Christmas Day, the 62 massage jets in the hot tub would help her to relax and maybe even speed up the healing process. 

Jeanne is excited to have her golden ticket. She already has a spot staked out for the hot tub. Jeanne says that she and her husband were in an accident a few years ago and would love to soak in a hot tub in the evenings. 

Leanne was unsuccessful in her many tries at spinning the wheel for a golden ticket, but her online entry paid off. She thinks the hot tub would be perfect in the spot where their sandbox used to be and is ready to have it installed. 

Darryl got his golden ticket with a lucky phone call to Mix 96. He says an evening soak in the hot tub would be the perfect way to unwind after a hard day at work. 

All golden ticket holders are invited to the big giveaway on March 7th where one person will win a Cascade by Sunrans hot tub from Deckcetera.  

Michael Giesbrecht is inviting everyone to stop in at Deckcetera and check out their many hot tubs and swim spas. 

“We have over 100 models to choose from. We have a good stock of our biggest sellers, so at almost any point in time you can come in, we can have something delivered to you within the week. We have all the service and support that you need. We have one of the best warranties in the business and everything is handled from your chemical to your install to maintenance to service, throughout the years. It's all handled in house.” 

Giesbrecht says their team can also help you find the best spot for your hot tub. 

Deckcetera is located at the corner of Brandt Street and Loewen Boulevard in Steinbach. 

Increase your chances of winning a golden ticket by entering online and visiting us at the following locations to spin the wheel. 

Tuesday, Feb. 20: SFRC Scavenger Hunt at Canadian Tire 

Wednesday, Feb. 21: Deckcetera sponsored by Spine Steinbach 

Thursday, Feb. 22: KK Penner 

Friday, Feb. 23: Initial Detailing 

Plus, listen at 8am on AM1250, MIX 96.7 and Country 107 for your chance to call in and win.