Amendments have been made to the City of Steinbach Emergency Plan for 2024. 

The City’s Emergency Measures Coordinator is Steinbach Fire Chief Kel Toews, and he has proposed some changes to the Steinbach Emergency Plan. 

This annual listing of amendments is something that the City of Steinbach does routinely.  

Councillor Jake Hiebert made the motion to approve the changes to the emergency plan. 

What we have here is a document where we're doing some wordsmithing. We're adding some words, we're adding some renewed memorandums, some added memorandums, removing some things. It's basically administrative and is required. 

There was a total of 13 amendments made to the emergency plan. 

Some of the amendments include updated population counts and corresponding maps, updated contact information, and a change of referenced social media pages to reflect the pages currently being used. 

They also added a Memorandum of Understanding with Canada Sky Drone Services and renewed a Memorandum of Understanding with the RM of Stuartburn. 

Councillor Damian Penner seconded the motion to approve. 

“It's very important that if there is an event where we need to take out that big red binder, that we are not looking at who we need to talk to or what we need to be doing. If there's a time of emergency, it needs to be clear, and this is offering a lot of clarity and updates into what our emergency plan will look like.” 

Mayor Earl Funk reiterates what Councillor Penner said. 

“In an emergency, it's very important to be prepared, and this will clear things up and help us be more prepared and that will give us a benefit at the time of an emergency.” 


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