Niverville Council has given approval to apply for grants for three town projects, using provincial funds promised to communities outside of Winnipeg, through the Municipal Economic Development Infrastructure Program back in August.  

CAO, Eric King read the resolution at last week's Town Council meeting,  

“Whereas Niverville Council is committed to providing funding and support for the town and Niverville Fire Hall expansion, project flooding mitigation, ditching and sump pump area project, and the 6th Avenue North Road Reconstruction Project. Therefore, be it resolved that Council supports the county Niverville applications for the Municipal Economic Development Infrastructure program grant for the town of Niverville Fire Department Fire Hall Expansion project, flood mitigation, ditching and sump pump area project and the 6th Avenue North Road construction.” 

Mayor Myron Dyck explained that council was hoping to have the grant application approved so the town could move ahead on some much-needed projects.  

Meanwhile, King noted that in order for Niverville to be considered to receive the funds, they needed to apply before the deadline of October 6. 

“And so, council is required to submit resolution supporting the projects to give them legitimacy, so that it's just not a hope and a wish. And so, this is three projects that Council wanted to see potentially going forward, if we are lucky enough to get the grant.” 

King says, they have not put a dollar sign to the applications, as it’s too early in the process.  

He continued saying,  

“These are projects that we cannot do alone, and so, we’re making the application hoping to find a partner that is willing to help fund them. And so, we'll see what they (the Provincial Government) come back with, if they will fund them or if they will pass on them.” 

When it comes to the flood mitigation project, King explains that every spring the town deals with flood issues.  

“So, when we close the dike, water backs up inside town, and so, we’re now trying to find ways to store more water or deal with those climate-change, rain events in an easier manner so, that there's less pressure on the rest of the old parts of town.” 

As to the rebuild of 6th Ave. N, King says, they would like to dig up one mile starting near Hwy 206.  

“So, we will dig up all the gravel that's there, and put down new gravel, and make it into a better road so that all that traffic that goes to the business park doesn't get so muddy.” 

And then there’s the firehall expansion project, which has been on the to-do list for Niverville Town Council for a number of years now.  

King cannot confidentially say, how much money they will be getting, at this point he says, it could be millions and it could be nothing, so they will wait to see what happens after next week's provincial election.


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