Culturama 2024 kicks off Monday evening, February 5, at the Pat Porter Active Living Centre in Steinbach with the first stop, the country of Ukraine.

Daryna Malyukh, President of the Ukrainian Association of Southeast Manitoba is excited about the evening.

“We are very appreciated for this invitation from Eastman Immigrant Services to be a part of this event. So, it will be such a nice event, an informative event. So, if you want to know more about homeland, Ukraine, come and visit us. Come and join us.”

Malyukh says the evening will consist of music, food and demonstrations.

“We will have Ukrainian songs. You will hear different, interesting facts about Ukraine that maybe you didn't hear before. We will have a special guest Yevgeniya Tatarenko from Morden, Manitoba, and she will bring her Vyshyvanka collection, and she will be talking about that explaining why it was made.”

Tatarenko and a friend at a table with Ukrainian souveniersYevgeniya Tatarenko and a friend at a display of Ukraine in 2023.

 Malyukh explains what Vyshyvanka is. 

“It's actually the embroidered artwork tradition made in Ukraine. It can be something embroidery on your clothes, on your towels. It's a piece of artwork. Vyshyvanka is very meaningful for Ukrainians. Depends on where you live in Ukraine, this artwork could be made different. You can use different colours, different patterns, and the story is just so unique, deep and long.”

Malyukh there will be displays of the different items made by Tatarenko set up around the auditorium at the Pat Porter. She says some pieces are over 100 years old.

“So, she's been collecting these things and she's searching everywhere in Ukraine for these pieces. And she will be sharing her experiences and showing them to all of us.”

Pansy Hall volunteers preparing Ukrainian Dishes for CulturamaPansy Hall volunteers preparing Ukrainian Dishes like these for Culturama

 Malyukh adds the Pansy Hall volunteers are making all the Ukrainian food for the evening.  

“So come and join us and celebrate Ukrainian Day with all of us.”

Tickets are limited and available by contacting Eastman Immigrant Services or the Pat Porter Active Living Centre, Steinbach.

During Culturama week doors open at 5:30pm each evening at the PPALC, with entertainment starting at 6pm.

Inside the Pat Porter Active Living Centre in 2023Inside the Pat Porter Active Living Centre in 2023 during Ukraine evening.



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