It wasn't the best driving conditions over the weekend but that didn't stop Operation Red Nose volunteers from providing many safe rides around Southeastern Manitoba.

Charmaine Gosselin of Operation Red Nose St. Malo says she was delighted at the turnout and the amount of rides even though the weather outside was frightful. "(Between) Friday and Saturday, we gave out 25 rides, I still can't believe it, I'm so pumped about how many rides we gave. We raised $600 in one weekend."

Gosselin says that Mother Nature tried but it wasn't going to stop the volunteers from going out. "Keep in mind that Friday was a massive snowstorm. Some highways were closed but not our highways, they were not affected. All 26 volunteers came out this weekend and we gave rides all the way to Ste. Agath on Friday. On Saturday, we were all over the place. Lorette, Ile Des Chene, Ste. Agathe, they all called. Kleefeld, Grunthal, St. Malo, and St. Pierre keep us busy. What a great weekend considering the massive storm."

Jo-Anne Dalton of Operation Red Nose La Broquerie/Steinbach adds they too were on the busy side. "We gave 21 rides, it was still pretty busy with most of those coming on Saturday. Most people on Friday seemingly hunkered down but the volunteers stayed and were ready all Friday. It says a lot about the experience that they wanted to stay and be a part of it even on a stormy Friday."

"We raised $515, which is just fantastic," Dalton says with a smile. "To date, we're at around $2000 just in ride donations, which is fantastic."

Like Operation Red Nose St. Malo, Dalton says La Broquerie/Steinbach is looking for volunteers, specifically on a few dates. "December 22nd and 23rd. Especially New Year's. We can always use volunteers on those days. It's a great couples date night, a great opportunity for local businesses to submit a team and go as a group or even if you're single, you can help out in the dispatch area or we can put you with a team and you can help that way."

Book in advance by calling the Operation Red Nose lines and by leaving a detailed message. 

Operation Red Nose St. Malo and Operation Red Nose La Broquerie/Steinbach will be available again this weekend.