Elmdale students are learning skills to help them weather the storms of life. 

The umbrella project is designed to teach positive social and emotional coping skills. 

Believe in yourself message on a bulletin board.Elmdale students are learning to believe in themselves with special lessons through the Umbrella Project. (Photo submitted)

A group of students shared some of their new skills with the Hanover School Board, and Chairperson Brad Unger believes this training will follow the students throughout their school years. 

“When they're in Grade 3-Grade 4, they're learning they're valuable. That translates into middle school. By the time they're in high school, they're totally realizing, ‘You know what? I have a purpose.’” 

This month, students are learning to believe in themselves and in their ability to manage challenging situations. 

Umbrella project bulletin board.Umbrella project bulletin board at Elmdale School offers ideas on how to turn negative thoughts into constructive thoughts. (Photo submitted)

Unger believes students are learning powerful skills that can impact anyone around them. 

“Maybe there’s a teacher at Elmdale, or another school where this is going on, who desperately needed some encouragement, saw this or had one of these students come up to them and encourage them. It just continues. It's just beautiful.” 

The Umbrella Project helps students build a full umbrella of coping skills such as responding with grit, resilience, and empathy. Students also learn to show kindness to others while still caring for themselves. 

A child’s umbrella is made up of things they can control in the face of circumstances that they have no control over.