The Canadian Wheat Board is changing some of its programs as a result of the uncertainty over the future of the single desk.

Sign-up is underway for the CWB's Series A delivery contracts, now that the 2011-12 crop year has started.

Dave Gallant, manager of farmer programs, explains the Series B and C contracts are under review.

"Right now we're not going to offer Series B and C. What we want to do is be able to make sure we understand what inventory we have to sell on farmers' behalf, so both quantity and quality, and match that to our customers' demand. Depending what that looks like by the end of the Series A, we'll then assess whether we need to offer Series B or C contracts, or whether we'll just use Guaranteed Delivery Contracts for the rest of the crop year," explains Gallant.

Two programs that encourage on-farm storage of grain - the Wheat Storage Program and the Churchill Storage Program - have been discontinued.

"Both of these programs relate to guaranteeing or assuring inventory for the 2012-13 crop year, and due to the uncertainties that we face right now with respect to 2012-13, we're unable to offer those," he says.

He says growers should expect more changes as the crop year progresses.

"At this time we're looking at our pricing option programs, specifically the ones we start offering in September 2011. Normally, we would be offering the 2012-13 pricing programs in September. Right now we're assessing whether we can and what that program would look like if we do offer it," says Gallant.