Island Breeze has been supporting young people and the community for 14 years, and a fall banquet is giving the public an opportunity to help the group continue its mission. 

Tessa Masi says tickets are free to attend their fall fundraising banquet, but you need to reserve your spot for the September 28th event. 

“People come, have a sit-down meal, we cook some great island food, we do some dances and entertainment and then we have a chance to share our stories and testimonies of how Island Breeze has been making a difference in the community.” 

Island Breeze is a Christian based organization and part of YWAM (Youth With A Mission). 

Masi says much of the fall and winter programming is aimed at preparing young people for discipleship.

Tessa Masi speaking on stage.Tessa Masi of Island Breeze speaks at Fall on the Farm, an annual event at Mennonite Heritage Village in Steinbach. Various cultures are highlighted at the event.

“We run a Bible program in January, we run discipleship training schools in fall, and then in summer we do a whole mix of things with the community,” she says. “That's usually when we get our hands into whatever the community is already doing, doing festivals and helping people with different events that that they're doing, working at the food bank and all those exciting things. But basically, our heart is to serve the community.” 

Masi says it is unique the way Island Breeze mixes cultural entertainment with faith and mission. 

“It really is, and I actually think it's the perfect combination for us,” she says. “A lot of times we'll get invited to do a cultural performance somewhere and maybe they haven't heard our story of who we are and what we're about, and that's a great opportunity for us to be able to share a little bit more but also in non-Christian contexts. Or maybe where it is just entertainment, we can still impact the community in a positive way without having to preach or anything like that. 

“So, for us, I feel like having the cultural component as well as the faith-based component gives us so many options to be able to connect with literally everybody. We get a chance to go into the schools. We don't need to talk about faith in the schools. We talk about culture and how culture, diversity is amazing and how we should embrace that and why that's a really special thing. And you know, then obviously when we get invited to churches and youth groups, we can share our testimonies and what God's been doing in our life and stuff like that.” 

To reserve your free tickets for the September 28th banquet, contact Island Breeze at or call 204-371-1765.

-With files from Dave Anthony


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