The staff at RuffMutts three locations in Altona, Morden and Niverville is looking forward to helping you save during the Spring Sale March 22nd and 23rd.

"Feed Better for Less" is how the local pet food and supply store approaches caring for your four-legged family members.

"Feed Better for Less is our slogan, and a key philosophy within RuffMutts," explained Co-Owner Guy Britten. "We offer the best food for every budget. The way we do this is by looking at the cost of the bag, how much you need to feed and the ingredients."

You can see how RuffMutts' food measures up with their Comparison tool, here. You can also learn more in their blog post “The True Cost of Pet Food” .

"Essentially, we can almost always offer customers a better food for their pets at a lower price," noted Britten. "As an example, you can buy a $60 bag of food that has inferior ingredients, and would last your pet 20 days, or you can buy a $100 bag with superior ingredients that will last your dog over 40 days. That $100 bag is the budget friendly choice, not to mention less food in means less coming out!"

Some of the food available at RuffMutts includes Smack, Orijen, Acana, Canadian Naturals and Big Country Raw. These brands cover a wide range of pet food styles including grain free kibble, kibble with healthy grains, raw dehydrated, raw frozen and raw freeze-dried foods.

"We believe in feeding pets a species appropriate diet," stressed Britten when asked to expand on why they won't sell it if they wouldn't feed it to their own pets. "We focus on the ingredients in our products, and believe each ingredient should benefit your pet. All our pet food is Canadian and free of corn, wheat, and soy. One of our favourite diets, for both dogs and cats, is a raw diet, though we recognize this is not feasible for all pet owners, so we strive to provide our customers with the healthiest food within their budget."

During the RuffMutts Spring Sale you can save 15% on Canadian Naturals, 30% on Smack pet food, 25% on Acana freeze-dried recipes among many other 2 for 1 deals, free samples, prize draws and more. You can find the full list of sales and savings, here.

Beyond pet food, RuffMutts also offers other products, too, with the same focus on quality.

"We offer a variety of toys for dogs including tough toys for tough chewers, and lots of toys to keep cats entertained, including catnip infused toys," he added. "Besides toys, we have a large treat selection from bones to training treats. We are sure to have something every pet will love. We also carry all pet essentials, from collars and leashes, to crates and litter boxes. We also do pet tag engraving."

RuffMutts is a full-service pet store offering nail trims at all locations on a walk-in basis. Self-wash is available by walk-in at the Morden and Niverville stores, grooming is available by appointment at the Niverville location, and soon to be available at the Morden store, too! To book grooming services at the Niverville location, please call 431-205-6888.

RuffMutts recently moved to a new, larger location in Altona, and is now located at 40 Main Street.

"So far, the response has been nothing but amazing," shared Britten. "Our customers love the new location, and we love that customers can now bring their pets into the store, and that we can now offer nail trims."

And with Spring now officially here, Britten's thoughts were also on the arrival of the new season, noting a lot of puppies and kittens get adopted at this time of year.

"We offer a rescue discount for new pups and kittens and will help you pick the best food for your new pet," he said.

He also warned pet owners, especially dog owners, to be aware of all the "interesting" things emerging from the melting snow that your pet may find enticing like wildlife droppings and garbage.

"Dogs especially are very quick and discrete about snatching up these tasty treats, and they may experience some minor digestive upset as a result," he explained. "We recommend having some probiotics and pumpkin on hand to help in these situations."

RuffMutts will have adoptable cats or dogs at all 3 locations for the sale (Jess to confirm)The RuffMutts Spring Sale is March 22nd and 23rd only, at all three locations in Niverville, Morden and Altona. You can find store hours and contact information for each location, here.