Agape House in Steinbach is offering an 8-week youth workshop aimed at building self-confidence in teenaged girls. 

Sheila Krahn says this event will work on leadership skills, mental and physical strength, and building healthy relationships. 

“We want to build up the girls and give girls the confidence that they need right now to grow in the society that we've got,” says Krahn. “And so, we just want to make sure that we're building some healthy skills in them and showing them their strength, that they are just more confident in themselves and in the world that they're living in right now.” 

Rebekah Dueck believes there is great value in strengthening mental and physical skills in teenaged girls. 

“I would have very much benefited from learning more in the physical strength side of things, starting that earlier on in my life. I am a personal trainer aside from working at the shelter, so I found that later in life and I think it would have definitely benefited me starting that earlier.” 

Both Dueck and Krahn agree that mental health was not spoken about when they were teenagers and believe it is also a key part of this workshop, geared toward girls ages 14-17.

The first session takes place on Monday at 6:30pm. Contact Agape House at 204-326-6062 or email to register or to get more information. 

-With files from Carly Koop.