A nearly 20-year resident of the RM of La Broquerie, says he wishes to bring rural representation to Ward 2 on their council.

Timo Gerzen says there haven’t been a lot of council members from the Marchand area in past years and he feels “there’s been a big push for somebody to step up to the plate and that’s kind of my big goal.”  

He feels he’d be able to represent the farmers and families living in the smaller rural subdivisions because he and his family live on an acreage near Marchand, near his childhood home.  

Gerzen notes one of his big concerns is property taxes. “We hear that all the time and I want to make sure they (taxes) stay reasonable, and they don't rise too much. I know we can't always drop property taxes or keep them steady because everything costs more, but it must be done within reason. I just want to make this area an affordable place for parents to raise their children and with the cost of everything getting pretty high nowadays, I definitely want to help our local families here.” 

Gerzen also sees a big need to improve the gravel roads in the rural regions around La Broquerie. “I would definitely like to see more money being spent on improving gravel roads. I’d especially like to see drainage improved, so farmers’ fields can drain better, and subdivisions can drain betterer. All those plans have already been put into place, but nothing is being done and then grass grows in the ditches, that all has to be cleaned out or the roads and fields flood again.”  

He continues, “And also possibly paving the #302 and #303 gravel roads. But what would be really nice is if Highway 52 between La Broquerie and Steinbach would be twinned.” 

The Steinbach business owner says he drives the 52 every day, not only to go to and from work but also to run errands and do family activities.  

He says, “Hwy 52 is extremely busy, especially mornings and evenings, it’s like rush hour traffic which doesn’t make it a very safe highway, especially in wintertime and we definitely want to improve that too. Sadly, there have been a few lives lost on that highway, some from families that I personally know. So that's why it’s important to me.” 

Gerzen says if elected, he’d bring his young, energetic and driven entrepreneurial spirit to the council table. “I own Grand Denture clinic and I definitely want to bring the success that we've had in our business to Council and make the RM successful. I will make sure that we're not running deficits year after year. We definitely want to cut costs and find ways that we can be more efficient, like maybe pay less interest to the banks and bring down our spending.” 

When asked why Ward 2 residents should vote for him, Gerzen replies,  

"I'm very passionate about the community. I grew up here. I've been here for about 20 years and I want to get fair representation for everyone. Not only the residents of La Broquerie but also the people in the rural area. I’ve heard from people who say they feel like they've not had a voice on council for the past few years.” 

“Knowing that the average age in La Broquerie is close to 31 years, which is right around my age, I definitely think we need some young, energetic blood in Council. I’d like to work together with the more experienced counselors to make it a smooth transition." 

Gerzen continues, “I’ve been blown away by the overwhelming support that I’ve received from the community. And I would be honored and very privileged to represent the people of Ward 2 and be the voice for the people.” 

Gerzen ran in the 2018 Municipal Election, but he pulled himself out because the timing just wasn’t right for his business and his family. Now he says he has the time and energy, passion, and desire to work for the residents. “I'm the only candidate running for Ward 2 that lives out in the rural area. I meet and talk to my neighbors every day and feel like I will be a better job representing them.” 

Municipal council and school board elections take place on Wednesday, October 26.  

Residents of the RM of La Broquerie may cast their ballot by:  

1. Voting by sealed envelope is available until Sunday, October 23, 2022, for those who are unable to vote in person. Please contact SEO Henri Turenne for further information. 

2. In-person on October 26, at Centre de l’amitié (Golden Agers Friendship Club) 97 rue Principale Street in La Broquerie from 8am to 8pm. 

The Senior Election Official is Henri Turenne. He can be reached at (204) 370-5636 or (204) 424-9101