Parts of southeastern Manitoba received over an inch of rain Tuesday morning.

According to Manitoba Agriculture, Gardenton was the community with the highest rain total, with 39.4 millimetres. Here is a list of rainfall totals, in millimetres (mm) from southeast communities:

  • Gardenton 39.4 mm
  • Meninsino - 27.3 mm
  • Saint Labre - 25.4 mm
  • Dominion City - 23.3 mm
  • Zhoda - 20.2 mm
  • St. Pierre - 19.9 mm
  • Morris - 19.8 mm
  • Prawda - 19.5 mm
  • Rosa - 19.1 mm
  • St. Adolphe - 18.9 mm
  • Dugald - 18.1 mm
  • Steinbach - 17.0 mm
  • Richer - 16.8 mm
  • Marchand - 15.5 mm

Meanwhile, widespread wildfire smoke continues to produce very poor air quality and reduced visibility over parts of the province. According to Environment Canada, the worst of the smoke is expected to gradually clear out of the remainder of southern Manitoba by Wednesday morning.

Wildfire smoke concentrations can fluctuate over short distances and vary considerably from hour to hour. Manitoba Health says wildfire smoke can be harmful to everyone's health even at low concentrations. 

Stop outdoor activities and contact your health care provider if you or someone in your care experiences shortness of breath, wheezing (including asthma attacks), severe cough, dizziness or chest pains. Stay inside if you are feeling unwell and experiencing symptoms.


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