There are still a few golden tickets available to get you into the big event on March 7th when we are giving away a 6-person hot tub from Deckcetera. 

We brought the wheel of winning to the Steinbach Pistons game Saturday night in La Broquerie and six people walked away with their ticket to the grand prize draw at Clearspring Centre. 

A woman holding her golden ticket beside the wheel of winning.One of the golden ticket winners at the Steinbach Pistons game Saturday night. This ticket gets her into the grand prize draw on March 7th for a chance to win a hot tub from Deckcetera!

You can get your golden ticket by entering online. Just head over to the Warm Up Winter contest page and fill out your entry form. While you are waiting for a winning phone call, be sure to join us at various locations in the Southeast to spin the wheel for more chances at a ticket. 

Every weekday morning at 8am, listen for the cue to call on AM1250, Mix 96 and Country 107. 

You need a golden ticket to get into the draw on March 7th for a Cascade by Sunrans hot tub from Deckcetera. 

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We will be giving away more golden tickets on Monday, February 26th at Deckcetera, located at the corner of Brandt Street and Loewen Boulevard in Steinbach. The winning starts at 12:15pm. 

While you’re there, check out the hot tub that could soon be yours! 

Exterior of Deckcetera building.Come to Deckcetera on Monday, February 26th at 12:15pm for a chance to win a golden ticket that will get you into the grand prize draw on March 7th for a Cascade by Sunrans hot tub from Deckcetera.

Jason Richter says this hot tub is built to handle Manitoba winters, especially when it gets really cold. Plus, it’s low maintenance. 

“We’re going to deliver it and install it. We just need somewhere flat to put it,” he says. 

As far as taking care of the hot tub, the team at Deckcetera will help you out, every step of the way. 

“A lot of people can be very intimidated by water chemistry and maintenance, but we can make that pretty easy. Five to 10 minutes a week is really all you need to keep it pretty clean and clear.” 

This 6-person hot tub is a good size for you and your friends to enjoy. 

“This one has six seats, and they're big seats, wide seats as well. So, when it says six people, you could actually put six people in this one.” 

Spin the wheel for your chance at a golden ticket which is your entry into the draw for this beautiful hot tub. 

Monday, February 26 – At Deckcetera with Recycle Your Ride 

Tuesday, February 27 – At Steinbach Dodge 

Wednesday, February 28 – At Rocco’s Pizza