Over the last few days, there has been some misinformation and rumours spread on social media regarding a Pride Month celebration planned at the SRSS.

The Hanover School Division is now providing some clarity.

Similar to previous years, Superintendent Shelley Amos says this day of recognition is being planned by the student-led Gay Straight Alliance or GSA. 

“For students and staff who would like to participate, the GSA has suggested wearing rainbow colours and pride-themed stickers or temporary tattoos, which will be available in one of the classrooms, on June 7th to show their support for Pride month.” 

Amos says commitment to equity and respect for human diversity are fundamental values of the public education system. 

“As per the HSD Respect for Human Diversity Policy, the Division will support activities that foster respect for human rights, diversity and dignity within all schools, learning environments and workplaces.” 

This day of recognition is totally voluntary.

Amos adds there are no additional activities or events planned for pride month.