Colleen Wohlgemuth is the co-owner of Stone City Coffee Roasters, along with her husband Jay, and is proud to announce their new presence at Sobeys in Steinbach. Stone City Coffee Roasters is setting up shop in the Sobeys meeting area, right at the store’s entrance.

“It’s a nice seating area, but it just wasn’t getting used. We’re always looking for things to do to make our space a little more appealing and also exciting for our customers.” Lee Kotowicz from Sobeys shares, “and we thought what better way to do it than to partner up with a local company. We already sell their items in our store, customers love it, and I think it’s just a great fit.”

Stone City Coffee Roasters products have been on Sobeys’ shelves for years, selling coffee grounds and whole beans. Fan favourites include the dark roast Autumnwood Blend, as well as the medium roast Berkeley Blend.

The menu going forward will include hot and iced lattes, americanos, drip coffee, mochas, and even Brazilian lemonade for the kids. Really, anything you can find at a specialty coffee shop.

“I get to be creative,” Colleen shares, “and come up with drinks that showcase our coffee in ways that we love. It’s been a lot of fun”.

Kotowicz is quick to add that customers are welcome to enjoy their chosen beverages while they shop for groceries, making a necessary chore a little more fun, and a little more relaxing. The Stone City coffee bar is located near the Sobeys entrance, next to the self-checkout, and the beautiful craftsmanship… and delicious scents… will definitely make it hard to miss.

Stone City Roasters Photo credit: Cody Goetz PhotographyPhoto credit: Cody Goetz Photography

The dream of adding “specialty coffee shop” to Stone City Coffee Roasters’ service list has been a long time coming.

“We actually started a year ago,” Colleen states. “And then due to some life circumstances, we had to push pause. So back in November, Lee approached us again, we finalized the deal in February, and we’ve been designing and building the cart ever since.”

“Steinbach has always been very supportive of local businesses, and I think it’s going to be great.” Lee continues, “We’re your local grocery store. We do a lot of stuff around the community. And I take pride in knowing that this is something else we’re doing- supporting another local business. And I couldn’t be happier that it’s with Colleen, who’s worked for Sobeys, IGA, and Penner Foods for years. Staff know her. Customers know her. It’s just such a great fit.”

As of May fourth, Stone City Coffee Roasters will be open Monday through Saturday from nine to two. To learn more about Stone City products, visit

Stone City Roasters Photo credit: Cody Goetz PhotographyPhoto credit: Cody Goetz Photography