The superintendent for the Hanover School Division says the investigation into threats to local schools continues in earnest. 

Shelley Amos says, “The RCMP are taking it quite seriously and they're actively investigating. We worked with them all afternoon yesterday and I know they were on it overnight and into today as well.”  

All schools are closed Friday in Steinbach and Kleefeld following threats that mentioned intended harm to more than one school.  

Amos says a voicemail message was received on Thursday, January 26th, that threatened safety at Clearspring Middle School as well as Steinbach Regional Secondary School adding that this threat is connected to the previous voicemail messages received at Clearspring.  

“All of the threats have been left on voicemail at the school and they have all been connected to a US number, as previously published,” Amos says.  

It was decided to close all schools in Steinbach due to their close proximity to both schools that were mentioned in the threat. Amos says Kleefeld School had previously been mentioned and that is why that school is also closed today.  

“They’re threatening harm,” Amos adds. “They’re naming a time and threatening harm to the school. That much I can say."  

RCMP indicated last week that one of the messages involved threatening to bring a gun to school.  

“It’s a disguised robotic voice, likely a spoofed number because it is again showing from a US number and that trail led to nothing credible,” she adds. “So, the RCMP are trying to find out if this is local or if this is abroad. They're still working with Homeland Security on that, too.”

As for what Monday will look like, Amos says a decision will be made over the weekend and communication will be sent to parents/caregivers.

-With files from Corny Rempel