First of all, if you haven’t been to TimberFalls yet, what are you waiting for? Their tenth anniversary? If so, you’re in luck. 

“We're celebrating our ten-year anniversary June 2nd to 4th, so that whole weekend we're having a lot of sales and deals, it’s going to be a big party!” 

This from Shae Jabs, one of the managers at TimberFalls Store & Carwash in Steinbach.  

TimberFalls takes its name from its extraordinary timberframe construction, an unusual feature for a car wash and fuel station. But at the same time, TimberFalls is so much more than that. When you step inside, you feel you’re somewhere familiar and special.  

“We hear all the time that we’re just so unique,” shares Jabs. “When people visit for the first time, they always say ‘wow this is so incredible!’ We’re very proud of the atmosphere we’re cultivated here.”  

Not only is the structure itself impressive, but the drive-thru soft-touch carwash experience at TimberFalls is also second to none. Jabs describes the procedure. 

“When you come onto the property, you can drive right up to our car wash window just south of the building. One of our incredible carwash attendants will be there to walk you through the process. Then you just follow the lane to the carwash entrance where another attendant will greet you. Then you’ll just pop your car into neutral, enjoy the light show, enjoy the soaps, and at the end, depending on which wash you've purchased, you'll have your vehicle wiped down. And you're on your way! When there’s no lineup, it’s about 3 minutes from start to finish.” 

While the carwash at TimberFalls hasn’t changed, a few other things have. The most notable change being the switch of fuel providers.  

“We recently switched over to Mobil fuel,” explains Jabs. “So we’re pleased to now offer PC Optimum Points!”  

Other changes have been underway inside the store as well.  

“We've renovated, we've moved things around,” says Jabs. “But at the same time we've kept it very TimberFalls, keeping that nice family home kind of feeling – we’ve still got a lot of timber frame all over the place, staying true to our brand.” 

Many of the changes at TimberFalls are of the more delicious variety. Jabs explains:  

“We have a lot of new offerings, including different types of hot food, like tornadoes which are similar to a taquito, plus hotdogs, smokies, and freshly-made sandwiches every day.” 

Smokies at Timberfalls

There’s clearly a lot to celebrate at TimberFalls, and they’re ready for big celebration over the weekend of June 2nd to 4th.  

“We’ve just brought in hard ice cream,” announces Jabs. “So we're having a sale on that, a dollar per scoop! We're also partnering with YFC Steinbach – on Saturday over lunch they’ll be grilling hotdogs, and if you want to donate to say thank you to YFC, you can feel free to do that. We’re also having sales on carwashes – there’s so much going on! Definitely something you don't want to miss out on.” 

On Saturday June 3rd, stop in for the free barbecue from 11am ‘til 2pm, enjoy free mini donuts, the first 400 people at the pumps will get 5 cents off per litre on their first 100 litres, there’s be an Unger Meats barbecue pack sale, and tons of great draws that you’ll want to enter – including a 1000 litres of free fuel!  

The celebration runs all weekend from June 2nd to 4th with their hard ice cream and Frostbites on special, $5 Ultimate Washes, Carwash Membership sale, pet food sale, and more more MORE!  

“It’s tough to believe it's been 10 years already,” says Jabs. “We're unique – if you haven't been into the store, it's definitely worth checking out. And there’s no better time than our ten-year anniversary celebration!”