Time to dust off those long lost ukelele skills you learned in grade 3 and get ready to jam at the Niverville Recreation Centre!

Earlier last fall, some community members approached Chantel Todd, Manager of Recreation for the town of Niverville about starting a ukelele club.  Todd needed no encouragement to start the club saying, "Yes! Let's do it!" And the Ukelele Club was born.

The club is small but growing with 8 members showing up every other Sunday to the Niverville Rec Centre to jam for 2 hours in the afternoon.  Those interested in the club don't need any experience as Todd says, "you can have zero experience, or you can be advanced.  It doesn't matter, you're there to jam."  

The fact that the ukelele club was born from a community member's interest doesn't surprise Todd. "That's so what Niverville Recreation is, it's spreading the love of people's passions and then...let's get that running and going here in our community."

If you're interested in joining the club Todd says, "bring your ukelele and show up!" 

The club uses a songbook with over 300 songs from the 20s,30s,40s in addition to playing more modern songs as well.  Todd says  "They do chords and then they review before they play the chosen songs, so that everyone can jam out together."

The club recently had someone join that plays the guitar making it more fun to collaborate and Todd is hearing great things "The feedback has been phenomenal. Everyone keeps saying how much they enjoy the singing and playing together."

Learn more about the Ukelele Club at the Niverville Recreation Centre website.