Premier Wab Kinew's recent Trade Mission to Washington is being called a success. 

The trip also included Ministers Jamie Moses and Lisa Naylor, former U.S. Ambassador Gary Doer and members of the Premier’s Business and Jobs Council.

In meetings with elected representatives from across the United States, the premier and his delegation promoted Manitoba-made resources and solutions to today’s concerns including agriculture, low-carbon energy and fair labour relations.

Kinew notes that Manitoba has an incredible story to tell.

"With our wealth of critical minerals, strong Hydro grid and skilled workforce, we are in a unique position to power the world’s low-carbon economy for generations to come. In Washington, we welcomed partners in business, government and labour to join the Manitoba moment, working together to make life better for people on both sides of the border."

Jill Verwey, President of the Keystone Agricultural Producers took part in the trip as a member of the Premier's Business and Jobs Council.

"We did meet with the National Association of the State Departments of Agriculture. That was kind of the one meeting that was kind of geared towards specifically agriculture. For the majority of the meetings, I guess it was agriculture being recognized by all the groups that we met with and the entire Manitoba delegation as a priority sector driving our respective economies.

She says at the end of the day, the Trade Mission was about establishing relationships to show the importance and the value of a trading relationship with Manitoba and Canada. 

Verwey says they emphasized that we are a safe, reliable source of food, as well as providing other things such as power.

Another key focus centered around the opportunities at the Port of Churchill, and the potential for it to be used as another access to port for the United States.

Overall, the Province is viewing the Trade Mission as a success letting the Americans know that Manitoba has a lot to offer and that the door is open for business and investment.