2023 was a challenging year for roads in La Broquerie in both spring and fall. 

La Broquerie Reeve Ivan Normandeau says roads will be a priority in 2024. 

“Roads are now in better shape and that will be the focus going forward in 2024, try to maintain our road system and keep the proper drainage.” 

Although roads might have been rough, Normandeau says some highlights of the year were the walking trails that go around the LUD in La Broquerie and the grand opening of the Pioneer Bridge in June.

They also opened up three new playgrounds.  

One big new playground by the HyLife Center, a new structure in Marchand, and a new structure on Granger Street that opened up this year.  

“So that was that was getting used a lot by all of our young families here in La Broquerie.” 

In 2024, their next big project is keeping up with the lagoon and making sure that the capacity is always there. 

He adds that their rink will need a new plant. 

"We're planning on putting a new plant in 2024, besides that it’s just keeping up with all the developments going on, especially in the rural areas where a lot of new subdivisions are going in.” 

Normandeau says council is looking forward to another great year. 

“Hopefully we have a great spring and fall, so our road system can keep up with the ongoing traffic. And then just keeping up with our nice play structures and our ball diamonds and making sure that there's something for everyone to do here in La Broquerie.” 

He notes they are still going through their budget system, so they haven't finalized anything for 2024 yet. 

Their plan is to have the budget hearing at the end of March.